Shopping for cars, are you?

You know the car you want. You’re just not too thrilled about the price-tag, nor the endless amount of time needed to shop around for price comparisons, let alone that final bit – the haggling involved getting the “happy” price. And after all that, you somehow have to convince yourself “you got a good deal”.

You and everyone else buying a car.

FunnelFlock In a nutshell.

You want the best deal. Dealers want customers; as many customers as possible. Our job is to funnel (pun intended) customers interested in the same car make/model into one attractive packaged deal. You enjoy bulk volume discounts; dealers move inventory – Everyone Wins.

The FunnelFlock Experience

$ – Bang for Your Buck – Get that car you want for LESS
Price comparisons – we’ve done the research so you don’t have to
Haggling – we’ve haggled for you so you don’t have to
Post-sales – enjoy your new ride

That OLD, FRUSTRATING way of buying your car

$$$$ – Be ‘content’ with your salesman’s “this is the best price I can get you, oh and only for today” pitch
Price comparisons – find every dealer in town, then call/text/email them, keep a journal on those quotes and pick your best quote
“Haggling” – good luck
Post-sales Aftermath – spend hours explaining to other dealers that you have purchased a car already, and unsubscribing to random newsletters

At FunnelFlock, we don’t just offer you a good or great deal. We offer you the BEST DEAL in town, hands down.

How to FunnelFlock your dream car?


Indicate your interest in the deal by clicking on the “I’M INTERESTED” button to leave your particulars. A FunnelFlock representative will get in touch with you shortly after.


Seal your place in the deal by signing on the sales agreement contract that will be delivered to you, and prepare a cheque deposit for the initial down payment of the car. Once your deposit goes through, you will receive a confirmation from FunnelFlock to acknowledge your reserved place in the deal.


Once deposits from all participants in the deal have been secured, you will be informed, and the participating dealer will take the necessary steps to prepare collection of your car.


Congratulations, your car is ready for collection. Now you only need make your balance payment just prior to collecting the key to your brand-new ride. Hooray!