Alain Ng

Alain Ng – Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI 16 October 2017 (REF: FFSG-DD-035)

Volkswagen Group Singapore FunnelFlock Special Discount
$118,400 $96,000
$22,400 18.92 %

So many good things to say about FunnelFlock, where do I begin? From their jaw-dropping prices to their top-notch customer-orientated service, I cannot compliment them enough. I had so many reservations about buying a car ‘online’ let alone buying one through a Parallel Importer. FunnelFlock and their partnering dealer really did so many things to address those concerns.

FunnelFlock’s reps were so patient with my endless queries (on copious occasions, no less), and took the time to repeat their answers and carefully explain to me the mechanics, terms and conditions of the deal.  I especially like the that this is zero risk proposition. If the deal doesn’t go through, I get an immediate full refund, no questions asked. I also like that their particulars form makes it easy for me to indicate what options and color I want, which saves me from stating all that at a later stage or from having to actually to speak to the dealer which can be time consuming and energy draining.

FunnelFlock were truly professional. They kept me up to date every step of the way of the entire process knowing that I am the ‘kan cheong’ type.  Even after the sale, they still followed up to check that I was happy with the delivery car upon collection, and another time again to make sure that I was enjoying the car! Professional and personal too; FunnelFlock is on another level. A lot of local businesses could learn a thing or two from these guys.

What set me at ease from buying through this Parallel Importer, aside from their well-established reputation, was the reputable workshop they partnered up had all the proper VW diagnostic machines. Furthermore, their warranty allows for modifications done onto the car provided they are done through the partner workshop, of course. Moreover, the warranty is underwritten by a well-known insurer so should either dealer or workshop ever close shop, my warranty would still be intact and honored by another workshop.

Their unique offering to Singapore car buyers and distinct customer-centric service will set them apart against any potential copycats for years to come.

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