How do FunnelFlock deals essentially work?

Our deals are simple – FunnelFlock & dealers negotiate and agree on a special discounted price for a particular car make/model for an agreed number of cars sold for the deal to take place.

How do I know if my deal is successful?

In order for a deal to be successful, two conditions must be met. Firstly, the agreed number of customers (or units sold) for this deal to take place as agreed between dealer & FunnelFlock, who have indicated interest to participate in this deal, have to make their deposits before the end of the stipulated deadline for the deal to happen

Secondly, all participants must sign the sales contract prepared and signed by the dealer.

You can track the progress of the deal participation rate by monitoring the ‘UNITS RESERVED’ tracker on the deals page. You will be notified once deposits have been received by all participants of the deal.

Should a deal fail to secure the deposits of all participants before stipulated deadline of the deal, you will be notified, and a full refund will be arranged.

When a deal is not successful, how do I get my refund?

A cheque will be mailed out to you at your preferred mailing address.

Who do I make the deposit out to?

All deposits are made out to the participating dealer. We will inform you the name and particulars of the dealer to make it out to.

Why are dealers identities not mentioned?

To prevent scenarios where would-be customers abuse the system by taking advantage of prices stated here to negotiate the same or even lower prices to the very same dealers in their own capacity for a single car unit. That would be unfair to dealers who have exposed their price points in their commitment to lower costs to the general public.

The identities of the dealers are, however, revealed once the sales contracts are prepared.

Who prepares the sales contracts?

The dealers prepare sales contracts.

Do you provide financing?

Our dealers provide financing. Financing approval from the bank must be obtained before you pay your deposit. Our dealers will help you arrange for financing should you require a loan.

Do you provide car insurance?

Our dealers can help arrange that for you.

Do I have to pay FunnelFlock a fee or commission for the use of their service?

Our service is entirely free. We are here to serve the community’s needs.

What happens if I decide to cancel my order after I make a deposit?

All deposits are non-refundable but we will intervene to discuss with the dealer on your behalf.

Can I reserve more than one unit in a deal?

Yes you can. Your deposits will increase accordingly.

Are corporate clients allowed to participate in these deals?

Yes corporate clients are welcome to participate.

How do I choose my color or spec my car from the options list?

Please see dealer’s remarks on the deal. They will guide you to which website you should look at for reference to colors and options. You can then state that what you want in your remarks list in the registration form. Dealers will then revert to you on the costs of the options list.