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Toyota Hiace 3.0 Super GL Dark Prime (A)

Pricing Details:

Usual Sticker Price FunnelFlock Special Discount
$100,800 $89,800
$11,000 10.91%


  • 3 years / 100,000km warranty

Points of Interest:

  • 3 bids GUARANTEED COE registration
  • 3 FREE servicing

Terms & Conditions:
*Minimum loan of 60% and 7 years tenure is compulsory.
*This promotion is limited to 8 buyers.
*$10,000 deposit must be made to secure your bid for this promotion.
*Total group deposit must be received before deadline for this promotion to be valid; failing which, all remaining deposits will be refunded to respective buyersl be refunded to respective buyers


Expires: 31-Dec-17