Rachelle Ng

Lexus RX 200t 2.0 Luxury 22 November 2017 (REF: FFSG-DD-031)

Borneo Motors FunnelFlock Special Discount
$270,888 $252,000
$18,888 6.97%

Buying a car was always a bittersweet affair for me. I generally do not feel comfortable when dealing with car salespeople, and can never understand the complicated tax structures. I also do not have much luck ‘bargaining’ either, lol. I usually have to get my hubby to tag along. While I’m happy that he gets me a better price or certain odd freebies thrown in, he always has his own opinions on what car I should be getting. I usually end up getting a car that was not what I was looking at in the first place.

FunnelFlock allowed me to be truly independent in this whole car buying experience. I am happy with the discount, the convenience and feeling empowered to make a big decision on my own. I am sure all women can relate and appreciate this. Buying a car is not something most of us ladies are terribly familiar with, and while our men can be of help at times during the process, they can also be hinderances often giving their “2 cents” when it is not needed. It can be overbearing at times when there are differences in opinions on the car in question.

FunnelFlock even went through the trouble of negotiating the little things in like solar film and in-car camera which I would have had to trouble my hubby with. You guys truly understand the whole car buying process and addressed the usual aspects of ownership.

My hubby says that I got a good deal through you, and because your dealer’s OMV is nearly on par with agent’s, my depreciation is significantly lower. He is impressed that your dealer even managed to secure Lexus cars in the first place as it is typically not available through PIs. So impressed that he plans on doing his next car purchase through your platform, and I support that!

Thank You, FunnelFlock!

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