Robert Chen

BMW X4 xDrive28i X Line 12 November 2017 (REF: FFSG-DD-029)

Usual Sticker Price FunnelFlock Special Discount
$244,800 $228,000
$16,800 6.86%
Performance Motors FunnelFlock Special Discount
$266,800 $228,000
$38,800 14.54%

When my son introduced me to FunnelFlock, I must admit I was initially skeptical. Their special prices were a little ‘too good’ to be true – I called multiple dealers but none of them could come close to this price! But everything from the online explanation of their order process right to the terms and conditions were very clear. Their representative was professional and that helped made me comfortable with the entire process.

I have never purchased a car through Parallel Importers before, let alone buying a car online without test-driving the car. Having heard horror stories about certain Parallel Importers, I was still naturally hesitant. But I am happy to share that FunnelFlock certainly did their homework well – my background checks on the dealer through ACRA and CASE showed the participating dealer is a well-established player in the market since the 90s, with no criminal breach or lawsuits against it. A check with Experian also showed they have solid financials, and had favorable reviews from popular car forums. So, it came as no surprise that my dealer was, and continues, to be extremely professional and helpful. Case in point, their staff even gladly spent considerable time teaching me how to use certain features in the car when I dropped by unannounced one afternoon on a busy weekend.

I really appreciate how FunnelFlock have negotiated a very solid, good deal not just in terms of price, but even negotiated things like window solar film and on-board cameras, in addition to grooming the car pre-delivery for FREE at an already unbelievable price! All of which I intended to do after collecting the car, so they really have saved me a LOT of time pre-and post-purchase. Words cannot describe the sheer convenience buying a car through FunnelFlock has been. The overall experience has been positive, to say the least; most certainly the most pleasurable car buying experience I have ever had. I wish a service like this came out much sooner. I will definitely be using their service again when it’s time to replace my wife’s car. Kudos to the team at FunnelFlock! I commend you on a job well and have already shared with family and friends about your service.

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